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. |02.05 - Semantic gap                              .

  The programming language  is generally perceived as
the method of computer algorithm notation. To let the
computer  process  a  task it's  necessary  to  enter
instructions sequence. This  instructions sequence is
commonly  called as  an  algorithm.  The sequence  of
instructions  expressed  in programming  language  is
called program.

  In current computers heart  of all the calculations
is  the  processor.  It  processes  the  instructions
in  assembly language.  The construction  of advances
algorithms  in  assembler  is  quite  difficult.  The
reason  is principle  of the  processor construction.
The processor  can work only in  binary number system
and  can  process   only  several  basic  operations.
Instructions  in  assembler  consists only  from  the
operation  and  binary  representation of  the  value
stored in the computer memory.

  There  is  a  semantic gap  between  the  assembler
language  and   human  thinking.   The  gap   can  be
crossed   by   programming  languages   introduction.
There  is  a  vast  amount  of  programming  language
dialects  and  it  differs  in  the  complexity.  The
complexity  of  programming  language is  the  bigger
the  closer is  to the  human cognition.  The meaning
of  higher  programming  languages is  to  offer  the
most  understandable  and most  powerful  programming
environment. The higher programming languages achieve
that  by more  complex  construct implementation  and
different abstraction of the data structures.

  The  way that  enables computer  to understand  the
higher  languages  is   the  existence  of  so-called
compiler.  Compiler   translates  program   from  the
programming language to the assembler language.

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