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. |01.02 : Data-base Management Subsystem            .

  Research  in the  area of  Artificial Intelligence
in  the  60's  of  the  20th  Century  on  field  of
Computer Language  Processing introduced one  of the
first programs  that took question on  the input and
provided resulting answer on the output.

  There  were   many  systems  developed   for  this
purpose.  Simmons  in   1965  (Simmons,  1965)  gave
example  of  15  systems.  They  were  divided  into
3  groups  according  to  the  inner  structure  and
processing.  It   was  list-structured,  data-based,
graphic data-based, text based and inferential.

  He also  described the  data-based question-answer
systems  in the  early development  phase. Basis  of
these programs were  translation of natural language
sentences  into  the   symbols.  Processing  of  the
symbols used formal logic implementation.

  One  of  the  possible implementation  for  symbol
processing is  the system with data  basis. The base
was represented using the list of symbols structure.
Example  of such  system  was SAD  SAM. The  acronym
stands  for Sentence  Appraiser  and Diagrammer  and
Semantic Analysing Machine.  This program had simple
English language  sentences on the input  and it was
able  to  extract  atomic  data  from  it.  Sentence
was analyzed  and stored  into it's  knowledge base.
Primary usage  of SAD  SAM program was  the language
analysis.  The system  was able  to determine  words

  In  2nd  half  of   1960's  Theory  of  Relational
Databases arrived. It was built on Deduction Systems
foundation. The  Relational Concept  enabled advance
in General Theory of Information Systems.

  Previous  development brought  the need  to repeat
the implementation of  search algorithms, definition
of inner facts form and propositional calculus.

Among similar general  information system was system
developed  by Bryant  (Bryant &  Semple, 1966).  His
implementation  was different  from others  by exact
separation of  algorithms for data  bases management
and other parts of the system.

It  was his  idea to  separate implementation  parts
of  information system  in the  form of  stand-alone
data-base management subsystem.

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